Lake Havasu Mobile Detail, LLC.

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Hello. I am the owner of a spotless, 2004 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6. In June of 2017, I hired Lake Havasu Mobile Detail/Nathan Kennedy to ceramic coat my car. The problems began 4 days earlier, when I called Kennedy for a simple wash. After he (and his “worker”) left, I noticed chemical etching in two of my plastic mouldings. I called Kennedy, and we agreed to address the problem 4 days later at ceramic coat time. Nathan Kennedy completed the job, and did not address the etching. I called Kennedy, latter that day. He took 3 day Just to come look at it. Immediately, Kennedy denied responsibility. Ok, then I knew that this would be a battle. His “worker” admitted to doing it, much Rio Kennedy’s chagrin. Now, he feels stuck. Backtrack, a bit. While Kennedy was coating my car, he was constantly on his phone battling with another local detailer over who would coat my car at a lower price. | He had the job! Why not concentrate on my car?! This is the excuse Kennedy finally used to deny completing my car or fixing my moulding. I found this out when his smart-alek “worker” came to my business to tell me that Kennedy had “blown me of” due to his conflict with the other detailer. SILLY! Ultimately, I had a body shop repair the car. Don’t risk this underbidder. KENNEDY DID NOT USE THE CERAMIC PRODUCT HE CLAIMED TO USE. HE USED A CHEAP PRODUCT OF LESSER QUALITY AND WARRANTY. And, I paid him $50.00 for adv Armor All wipe and front seat vacuum. Kennedy called this an “interior detail”. This business and it’s proprietor are Havasu jokes.

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