Bought a puppy on 10/25/19. Was given a shot record, worming record and a puppy that smelled like it lived in a sewer. Also said it was microchipped. Took it to the vet the next day. She is full of worms!!! They never wormed this dog, she doesn’t even know how to drink from a bowl. And the microchip is a joke. To register her I have to pay a yearly fee. I’ve chipped other dogs and never did I have to pay a yearly fee! Total scam!! I sent a msg to the breeder telling him she was sick and to inform other buyers. He never relied. I had no idea this place was a puppy mill! They should be shut down!!

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Sending Complaint

After having been a professional and licensed advertiser utilizing this company’s website for years, my account was suspended and


Back when AT&T decided they wanted out of the wireless business they said I needed to go to another company.One day I get a brochure Complaint

Complete Scam! They picked up my money sent via Western Union and I heard nothing for 4 weeks. I reached out via email and they claimed

Breo Audio Labs

Breo Audio Labs Fake speakers Miami FL Florida!!. Was sold fake speakers showed me a fake website at

Barr Real Estate Inc Complaint

Barr Real Estate I just wanted any college student who is renting at the U of I in Champaign, IL to know NOT to rent from