Landmark Research and Development GeoDuck

Landmark Research and Development GeoDuck

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This company sends out very compelling print advertising via US mail. | They claim incredible results from their unique “herbal” remedy for male enhancement. | I purchased their product and tried it. It does not work at all. | They guarantee results with a money back in 30 days, but the 30 days starts when you order – not when you receive the product which takes 10 days to arrive. | So, by the time you give it a try and realize you might as well be swallowing little chunks of chalk or 1/2 asprin or whatever each day, the time for the refund has expired. | Plus they want you to send back the container at an estimated cost of 5-10 dollars plus my time to go to the post office. | It is a TOTAL RIPOFF. | SAVE YOUR MONEY – DO NOT BUY INTO THIS SCAM | I told them I’d post on ROR if they didnt refund – their script reader at customer service said, “ok” then hung up.

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  1. Gracia Coppa
    June 17, 2020

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