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When you advertise your happy hour, then put restrictions on what you can order without advising the patrons until after they have ordered, is deceptive business practice, unethical, and a plain rip off! As many have wrote, my wife and I have enjoyed the Chart House in Dana Point California for more than twenty years. We were just dating when we first visited this beautiful place overlooking the Dana Point Harbor. On 06/22/11, we reserved a table on the patio for family and friends. A first for our friends there, and our sons grad night celebration. We immediately ordered a round of drinks and began to chat. We then saw a waiter bring these prime rib sliders to the table next to us and when asked by our server if we would like the “Happy Hour Menu”, we said yes. Within a minute, the manager whose name was “Jim” came out abruptly and stated in a monotone format “You can”t order from the happy hour menu, nor do your drinks fall under the happy hour prices”. WHAT??? Jim says that when we made our reservation, he put us under a dining mode when indeed I stated “drinks, and appetizers”. One round of drinks, and three orders of sliders @ $235.00. BALONEY! I wrote corporate, corporate forwarded my letter to Jim, Jim called me the following day with the same line of BS he spewed at our table that night. No apology, no restitution, no nothing! We observed Jim chewing out the servers after wards for their honest mistake. No manager should govern his employees with fear tactics, and should have just honored what we had been told to avoid the awkward situation that Manager Jim created. You made a few extra bucks off of us, but have now lost thousands because of it. Nice going Jim. Very superb job! Landry”s Inc, Chart House, and Jim are suffering a serious case of denial here. To bad we won”t be back, but you can bet your bottom dollar that this story will go viral very soon. Views are not everything. Avoid this establishment by all means and spend your hard earned money elsewhere!Thanks for nothing.

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