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For right now I want larry to pay me the commissions from the annuity claim that he sold that I helped him to sale by setting the appointment. He said he would pay me. He was demoted on 12 7 18 as district manager back to an agent. and from what Alan Kerns says, his former boss, he was only supposed to be in the position for 8 months. Well from what I understand the company did a down sizing. So he wasn’t able to keep his position. He could have stayed with the company, but I guess pride wouldn’t allow him to. I was his loyal appointment setter for almost 1 year and 6 months. He always spoke about how I did a great job, a hell of a job even words that he spoke. I have the messages! I want my commissions that he owes me for the annuity sale and whatever else he owes me. | I’am giving him one week from tuesday, 12 18 2018 or I will spill even more beans with receipts about my working relationship with him and some other truths. I started to leave it alone, but I was advised to get mine. I JUST HAD my heat turned on and then all this happened right here at Christmas. I was suppose to possibly be working with his boss alan kerns, but we cant even agree on a simple comp plan that would be fair to both of us. If I don’t get my commissions that are due to me that he said he would pay me, then I have more info, more truth to tell. I realize I couldnt allow him to get away with this. He was suppose to be leaving AMBA the end of dec, 2018, but I found out through Alan that he was released early. Alan said that he would be ok, because he has the annuity. I know larry can pay me now, and if he wants to LIE and say he doesn’t have it, then there is more I will release. I don’t need a call, text or email, just what is due to me, that’s all, NOTHING MORE!!!

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