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The below is MY experience with This may not be the outcome you have had or you would have if purchasing from them. I think it’s important to state up front they have NOT violated their warranty/refund policy however I BELIEVE their warranty and refund policy is laid out in a way that consumers would rather they a loss then pay outrageous shipping costs. I purchased a 12” king at the end of June. It was great at first, I thought I was in heaven. I have multiple sclerosis and one of my major symptoms is that if there is pressure to any part of my body it causes pain, lots of pain. So finding a good mattress has been a expensive and long process. I bought an off brand memory foam mattress for our camper last year off and except that it’s a little too soft it’s been nothing but wonderful!!! When I ran across the ad for lasting impressions on craigslist I was skeptical at first. But after reading their website, warranty and other sites reviews I was confident in their product or at least their ability to work with you. Yes I found some negative stuff but you’ll find negative stuff on any company. What was most impressive is there were no complaints with the MO Attorney General or the BBB. Well that is no longer the case. I got my bed at the end of June, at first it was great. By September (after the money back guarantee ran out) it was less then desirable. Now after about 4 months of sleeping on it. It doesn’t recover, it’s lumpy and therefore its uncomfortable. I emailed them hoping to get a refund or replacement without paying the shipping costs. They replied and told me I was a scam. So now I’ve filed reports with the BBB and Attorney General and am on a mission to spread the word about MY EXPERIENCE, so that others can make a more informed purchasing decision. I now believe that this company is a complete fraud. I think they know they are selling a crap product and I also believe they will stand behind their warranty and refund policy. HOWEVER, I think they figure because it’s so expensive to send it back most people will just take a loss and figure lesson learned. I’ve decided, if this is the case then I for one am going to stand up to them. I am going to wait and see what happens with the BBB and AG, but if those results are not what I want I plan to take this further. What I’m trying to do now is collect information from people who have actually purchased from this company and are unhappy. These need to be legitimate complaints and orders. In order to ensure that these are legitimate I ask a few things. 1st File a complaint with the BBB and MO Attorney General. Next contact me let me know how long ago you purchased, what you’ve done to try to resolve your issue and what they outcome with them was.

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