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Life can throw traumatic things at you. It’s my privilege to be present with you on your journey toward healing and empowerment. I help individuals (especially women) who have been through traumatic events, are transitioning/recreating themselves, grieving from loss or divorce, or needing to resolve relationship conflict. I offer EMDR (helpful for trauma), and also work with the LGBTQüåà community and their families. My husband, Darrell Rhines, is a counselor as well, so we do ‚Äúco-counseling‚Äù with couples who want both the male/female perspective in their sessions. There are various tailored options – I can see what‚Äôs right for you!EMDR is a helpful way to address trauma and some of the more horrific experiences you may have encountered. If you need to regain positive thoughts and feelings about yourself, let’s explore if EMDR is right for you. This is quite helpful for PTSD, as well.If you need hope, support and new ideas…reach out for help. Together we can do great things – which is better than trying to figure it out all alone. Whether you want to work on yourself or figure out a relationship in your life, let’s start the empowering transformation process!

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