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Calling all Empaths. Beginning in April, I am beginning a new group for adults that are empaths. Empaths are a highly unique personality that is very sensitive to their environments, other people, and energies. Understanding this unique gift allows empaths to use their sensitivities and intuition in a positive way to change their lives. As a marriage and family therapist I work with children, teens adults, and families to help improve communication, relationships, develop coping skills, and improve self esteem. I offer compassion, knowledge, intuition, and use a client centered approach to help improve self awareness. Need more support? I offer Facetime sessions for private pay clients not able to attend office sessions. Or join one of the new support groups: I Intuit: Adult Support Group for Empaths, A Mother’s Love: Find Strength, Hope, and Ways to Cope with Difficulties Having a Child, Women Supporting Women, and HIP Teens: Highly Intuitive People, a Teen Support Group.I believe that everyone can benefit from counseling support to improve their lives and relationships. Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are the right fit for each other.

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