Laurie Christensen

Laurie Christensen

We placed a house located at 3018 11th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida, for sale through an on-line broker in order to appear on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). We live in Alachua County, Florida and was trying to sell it remotely and by using realtors who contacted me via the MLS listing. | In March 2019, we received a telephone call from Laurie Christensen who contacted us at home in Alachua County and Ms. Christensen stated that she was a successful St. Petersburg realtor, and that she wanted to help me to sell my St. Petersburg house. | She called me multiple times on the telephone and sent me text messages in order to gain my trust through false statements, false claims as to her success as a realtor, false claims that she was owner of rental properties near the house that we have for sale, telling me that she had multiple closings scheduled, was a seller of million-dollar homes, and that she was the best realtor in St. Petersburg. | We looked her up on and saw that she was a licensed sales associate. Through her continued contacts she manipulated me into using her as the selling realtor. A few weeks later she tricked me into enetering into a Contract with her to give her control of the property. | We later learned form a neighbor that she had moved her personal property into the house, including many boxes, clothing, etc under the claim that she was “staging it for sale”. We later realized that we had been cyberstalked by Ms. Christensen who had contacted us in order to take over my property because she was being evicted for non-payment of rent from her current living quarters. | The eviction is shown on the Pinellas County court records site with Plaintiff Evann Martin/Mud Key LLC who evicted her. We talked to Evann and he told me she still owes him about $5,000. | After learing of her deception we checked Pinellas County court records and found that she has been either evicted or forclosed on 9 times over 12 years. We also found a forclosure in Pasco County and one in Broward County under her former married name. | Ms. Christensen also recently was sued by a worker who did some work around the house. She paid him with two checks, both of which came back NSF. The poor man had paid helpers with cash out of his own pocket. She has a judgement against her in that case as listed on the Pinellas County court records site. | Records also show that she previoulsy was charged with with a felony for not returning rental TVs and a computer to a Rent-A-Center store. She has attempted unsucessfuly to use charges of “stalking” to delay the case. The judge saw what she was doing and dismissed the cases. | Other information is avaialble. See: Pinellas County Case No. 19-005708-CI (my lawsuit); 19-004823-SC (Mr. Williams bad checks); 19-003844-CO (Mud Key eviction). We have also filed complaints against her in Alachua County where we live for Elder Abuse Case No. 01 2019 GA 002691 & a small claims case for Legal Fees Case No. 01 2019 SC 004900. | Beware this woman – she is bad news. We have filed a complaint with the Florida Board of Realtors.

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