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You know those days when you just want to scream, “Why, why is this happening?” Everyone can feel this way at times. Add trauma or attachment issues and life can get complicated. There is great courage in seeking out help for ones troubles whether they be from years of baggage one carries around or an acute issue that has just arisen. I have had the privilege of working with many unique people over the years. These folks, who otherwise may have continued in struggles, utilized our time together to find solutions and the process to heal their wounds.Trauma from a loss, accident or severe abuse are some reasons people seek relief. I am here as a guide, a vessel, a platform for you to do the work so life does not have to hurt anymore. Whether you are a parent, child or an adult with a trauma history. There is help.As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker my “tools” are varied, both in theories and manipulatives. I am one of the few infant mental health specialists with CPP certification in Citrus County. My office is conveniently located, with varied office hours to accommodate work and school schedules.

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