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Does your life feel upside down? Does your illusion of control seemed to be slipping away? I will help you put a template over that chaos. Together we can do this! I offer you an individualized plan of care because one size does not fit all. I will list your goals, strengths, challenges, and provide an overview of how we will reach them and approximately how long that will take.I work with adults in need of change. I also focus my practice on adults with childhood wounds, couples needing help with their interactions and repeated patterns that don’t work well, and people who are suffering from past abortion choices. Appointments available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and some Saturday appointments.Counseling is my chosen life’s work and passion! I know what it feels like to hurt. I also know how it feels to learn from that, accept help, and grow as a person and make positive change. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Southwest Missouri State University and my master’s degree from Florida State University.

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