This guy Behrouz shafie is a psychopath and a thief… Has been suspended for eight years !!! He has had many malpractice suits and had to have mandatory ethics course, mandatory psychiatric treatment. He only takes clients that are women and married to rich men, dentists, doctors, engineer, businessman … Avoid this guy ! | He is Very Unethical should be disbarred from practicing lawSuspended from the practice of law for specified period of one year /7/1/2008 not eligible to practice law | | Behrouz shafie carries no malpractice insurance | Do not use this attorney for anything. I know Mr. Shafie both personally and professionally. He is the most despicable attorney ever licensed. He has no conscience and his only methodology is deceit and lies, without any regard to his duties as an officer of the court. His knowledge of the law is less than the average non-lawyer, which is not hard to believe given his educational background. he has absolutely no concept of business or corporate law, and assume just maybe he knows something about his own practice – family law. | By the way, Shafie has yet another mal practice suit file in January of 2017 by Mo Eslami v. Behrooz Shafie. I believe that is the fifth suit in last 7 yrs. | He dose”t bill you monthly and overcharge you all the way. he dragges your case untill he looses the case. and sues you for his unpaid bogus fees

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  1. Darcy Paulseth
    June 17, 2020

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