Law Offices of Bobby P. Luna

Law Offices of Bobby P. Luna Review

I hired him to handle my child custody case and i explained the situation i was going thru so he took my case, 1 week later he received a consent that was filed against me thru the other party and Mr. Bobby Luna didn’t inform me about it only reason I found out was because I called to see how my case was going i had gave Mr. Luna alot of messages thay could of been uses to prove the other party filled lots of bullshit lies but he didnt use them to my advantage! I was feeling pretty good about him I had no reason to believe That all he was going to do was take my money and do absolutely nothing for me. I would highly recommend not to take your case to Mr. Luna he is a scam!! I paid him what he asked and all he did was write a simple letter with no facts or details to the medeator!

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