Law Offices of LEVIN & MARGOLIN

Law Offices of LEVIN & MARGOLIN

The worst decision I ever made was signing the retainer for Elyse Margolin to represent me. Once she had my signature and a hefty chunk on of my money I rarely saw her again except when her yappy dog tried to bite me. She brings in to the office! | i I should have known better to pick a divorce attorney who had been married and divorced – Four times!!! She promised me the world! more child support than I ever thought I would ever get get and never was able to collect a dime! | Judges don’t like elyse or her associates because the firm has a terrible reputation for encouraging people to exaggerate accusations. Even to lie. | Once she blew through my $40,000 savings she demanded payment by phone email and fEdex. I told her I didn’t have any morr to pay her until my next pay check two weeks away. She filed a motion to withdraw from my case instead of waiting 2 weeks. The Judge told her forget it you don’t drop a client before a big hearing. This angered her till her face was beet red. When my hearing came Elyse didn’t even who up she sent a girl fresh out law school. i lost. Elyse Margolin won. Don’t use this attorney and her office

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