Laws 4 Less by Veterans

Laws 4 Less by Veterans

This Non veteran convicted thief criminal Carlos Assssley Catala is a crook. He was paid for service and did not perform it. When they didn’t show up as promised for two days in a row, we cancelled the appt and he did not provide a refund. | He tells many lies, said he sent the refund (DID NOT), he blocked our numbers and does not respond to voicemails left. According to many reviews online, he has done this before and according to the BBB, he was indicted and plead guilty to THEFT under business name Carriers for Less, which he then started company under Lawns 4 Less by Veterans, which he is probably not even a veteran. | This piece of crap is a thief, liar and should be shut down.immediately. He is on 6 years deferred adjudification probation for theft charges. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Don’t believe this review, look up his record on Harris County District Clerks Office.

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