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Enough is enough. Bill Fisher and Beaudon Spaulding’s scamming ways of AccurateVenture and LeafVertical must be brought to an immediate halt. He owes my company $10’s of thousands of dollars going back to 2017. | Beaudon Spaulding of AccurateVenture.com and/or leafvertical.com is the filthiest under-belly of the internet business, he and his business approach gives legitimate affiliate marketers a bad name. He is a professional liar. He’ll swear on his children’s lives (have proof!) that he’ll pay invoices back with interest (have even more proof!) then come up with every excuse in the book regarding outstanding payments (it’ll hit next week!) until he hopes that you’ll be too worn-out or distracted to fight back. “CEO” Bill Fisher is worse, he doesn’t even acknowledge that there is an issue. He just doesn’t give a f*&k about anyone except himself. Good luck with that approach! How he got into Wharton is beyond me…hey TheWhartonSchool maybe you’ll want to investigate his claim??? | My company is just one of many owed money from Beaudon Spaulding of AccurateVenture.com and leafvertical.com. All you have to do is look at the lengthy public Facebook posts on the group called “Internet Advertising Discussion – People Who Don’t Pay” below. | www.facebook.com/groups/peoplewhodontpay/search/?query=beaudon | www.facebook.com/groups/peoplewhodontpay/permalink/1567839566598778 | Here are some social media links and urls: | accurateventure.com/ | leafvertical.com/ | Beaudon Spaulding | www.facebook.com/beaudon.spaulding | www.linkedin.com/in/beaudon-spaulding-0255241/ | Bill Fisher | www.linkedin.com/in/accurateventure/ | www.facebook.com/DefianceFishing | Missy Ward (Ex-Wife of Beaudon, not sure if involved with Accurate Business) | www.facebook.com/missyward | www.linkedin.com/in/missyward/ | Julian Dasilva | www.linkedin.com/in/julian-alecssandre-dasilva-2868bb115/ | Melanie Fisher (Wife of Bill) | www.linkedin.com/in/melanie-fisher-00a59869/ | Bailey Adams | www.linkedin.com/in/bailey-adams-820787106/ | If you are involved with the above in any sort of business with Bill Fisher and/or Beaudon Spaulding run for the hills just as fast as humanly possible. | Good Luck and don’t say I didn’t warn ya. | WC

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