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Filed by : NIKIRA KIDD 507 WISTERIA PL Birmingham AL 35216 Filed against : LeaseLock, Inc. 475 Washington Blvd Marina Del Rey CA 90292-5287 Complaint Description: David and Greg, who are LeaseLock employees have lied to me during my entire application process. I was approved, and all of a sudden, I was denied. My name is Nikira S. Kidd. I recently applied for an apartment using the LeaseLock process on 11-24-2017 and I was approved. During the beginning of the application process my Price Estimate and Instant Verification email were sent to the wrong email address. After following up with a David, an employee with LeaseLock, and two other ladies, I was finally forwarded my email, in which I replied “Accept” on 11-27-2017 . I was also forwarded the Verification Items email, in which I was instructed to reply with my Government ID and Check stubs on 11-27-2017. After receiving this I called and spoke with David yet again, and numerous times after, about my application. Our first conversation after submitting my documents consisted of him telling me that my documents were received and everything was good to go. After sending over the required information, the very next day on 11-28-2017, I received an email with Payment Request as the headline. This email contained information that said that I was APPROVED in all capital letters, and proceeded with telling me that I had 24 hours to submit my payment. This was to the Cypress Gardens property located at 3105 Carousel Ct D in Hoover, AL 35216 and it was $634 monthly. The move-in date listed was 12-01-2017. The Leaselock fee was said to be $634 as well. I called and spoke with David and a lady named Elena on 11-29-2017, after receiving this and asked if I could get my payment date extended until the 1st of December, 2017 because I had not yet viewed the unit that was I supposed to be moving into. They both reassured me that this was fine, but that I HAD to have my payment submitted by the 1st of December, 2017. I called shortly after that, to ask if I could also look at other properties under LeaseLock’s website while I was waiting to hear back from Cypress Gardens, both David and Elena confirmed that this was fine and to submit my application with LeaseLock again after applying with the other properties. Elena emailed me a link to reapply so that I would not be charged the $29.00 fee, and assured me that my information would still be in the system, so I would not need to resubmit any documents, and only wait to get my new Price Estimate. This email was sent from [email& 160;protected] The second property was HighPointe Apartments located at 1229 Beacon Pkwy East in Birmingham, AL 35209. After submitting my second application, I received the Verification email again, so I called and talked to David one last time to confirm that everything went through and he said yes, everything was fine. Shortly after this I was contacted twice by Greg, who called to ask me for the contact numbers for HighPointe Apartments so that he could verify the new leasing information and pricing and get me squared away. Not even 30 minutes after this David called me AGAIN and told me that he’s sorry but there was a mistake made on their end and that I was NEVER approved from the beginning. He proceeded to hang up the phone after that and I asked him to let me speak with a person within the credit department. The guy named Greg picked up the call and told me that he was over the decision making in the Corporate office and that the Corporate number is 310-906-2900. However, he did not have a clue as to why my application was denied. I mentioned a conversation in which I told my leasing agent at Cypress Gardens that I had filed bankruptcy earlier in the year and immediately decided that I did not need to do that and paid my debts directly. The case was dismissed, and I forwarded that documentation directly from the Bankruptcy lawyers to my leasing agent, Randy at Cypress Gardens. Randy said that this would not be an issue, and since I was initially approved with Leaselock, I assumed this to be correct. After mentioning this conversation that I had with my leasing agent, then Greg proceeded to say that this was why my application was “denied” from the beginning even though at first he had no idea. They are liars. Your Desired Resolution: I said that to say, I put in my 60 day notice with my sister’s apartment, because my sister allowed me to pay her part of the rent to stay there, after going back and forth with these liars that work for LeaseLock for 4 days, only to get a call saying that I was denied and not given a reason why. I was told COUNTLESS times that everything was fine and given false hope. If I was denied SURELY either Elena, David, or Greg would have let me know this, after talking to them constantly for 4 days. If I would have paid my deposit to LeaseLock before being told all of this I would definitely be filing a law suit. I am going to take legal action due to now having to pay my sister a fee for filing the notice for me, for my sublease. I would very much like to be contacted by the CEO of this company and get a logical explanation for all of this. I am livid. I want both inquiries removed from my credit report immediately. I want a refund for the money I’ve paid for cancelling a 60 day notice. I want a refund for storage bought. I also want for them to approve my application and allow me to get an apartment. David and Greg should both be fired for making such an error. After speaking to Greg one last time he did not offer to approve my application, considering they had already approved it once by “MISTAKE”. There was nothing, no empathy, and an bland apology for lying to me for 4 days. I will be making this known to the BBB as well. I have attached the emails that were sent to me during this entire process and I only wish I would have recorded the calls to and from your staff, but I know you have the capability of listening to them all. Thank you for your time. Nikira S. Kidd 205-876-0457 This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business 30 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the business has responded.

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