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Twice I’ve seen this Dr. because he did not complete the first procedure, and on the second visit, which he also failed to properly complete this elective procedure, he charged me again, as well as my Insurance Company therefore he double dipped..He also, without my approval and/or knowledge, removed the remaining amount of money due to him..I continued to contact him and finally recieved a full medical report from his Atty., that not only showed this procedure, but also included work that was NEVER done by him and therefore violated the HIPPA Laws…I have tried on several occasions contacting my Insurance Carrier as well as other NYS agencies about this issue only to be rejected…My Insurance Co. rejected my claim because this Dr. lied to them, by writing a Code that stated he a Biopsy…Wrong!! There would have been no reason at all for him to do that..I do have all the Paperwork including whatever I recieved by his Atty, so that If anyone want’s proof, I have all of it!! So far I’ve stopped all complaints because of other pressing issues, but I wish to have this matter solved in two ways…One, I would like this Dr. to properly complete this procedure free and I am requesting a refund, also, I want this to be noted since I have checked, unfortunately too late, that this Dr. has had Malpractice suits against him..

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