Legend Homes

Legend Homes

There are several thing that I have been misled with by the builder | 1. We had a problem with our granite counter tops in the kitchen. It had a discolored spot the day we did our walk thorugh and was told it would be fixed. They day we moved in we told our sales person we were working with from the builder Jeffrey Hymanson Sales Professional that their was another spot on the countertop that had come up and that it needed to be fixed. Bo Green the Construction Superintendent even called out the granite company Allied Stone to take a look at it and see what could be done. We were told by the granite company Allied Stone that they could darken the granite and cover the spots (there were more that had come through since we moved in) but we would not be able to use the granite for 5 days while the process was being done and to get back with them to set it up. | We told them that would be fine and would contact them to set it up within the next couple of weeks. We called the granite company Alliled Stone several times and either they would blow us off or set up a time to come out and not show up. We send have sent lots of emails to the builder complaining about the issue with the granite company Allied Stone not coming out to take care of the issue. Two weeks ago we were told by Bo Green the Construction Superintendent that we will now need to pay a trip charge and a fee to have the granite to be corrected this was after the last time the granite copmany Allied Stone did not show up. | This issue has been going on for a year now and the issue with the granite which continues to increase with the spotting and our warrenty was up on January 27, 2018 and told we were told today it was not under warrenty and well have to pay for all the work to have it fixed. I like how they waited to the warrenty has expired. | 2. When we were in the process of buying the home I questioned the high taxes for Richmond Texas and was told yes they are high but once you homestead the property the taxes would decreess quiet a bit. This my family is a single income with my husband being totally being disabled so keeping cost down is a big issue for me. Well, I found out that the taxes do not really change if you homestead your property. I have done homestead and a total disability filing on my property and with both on there my taxes went down only about $80 per year which I do not consider to be a reduced rate.

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