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I answered an online ad for a skin care product that was available for a TRIAL costing $4.95 for SHIPPING. There was no clear indication of cost or automatic renewal and a time limit to cancel any such order. I foolishly order the product using a credit card. I received the product from LE JEUNE and tried it. It did not do very much. I had no intention of ordering it regularly. This item was ordered on or about 3/15/17. When my next credit card bill came on 4/8/17 (about three weeks after the order) there were five different charges on the bill totalling $200.24. I reported these charges to my credit card company as disputed charges. I was never contacted by Le Jeune and gave them no such order beyone the ‘TRIAL’ order. These people apparently use these ripoff tactics regularly and are not selling a legitimate product if they have to resort to such tactics. Note that their product is not approved by the FDA.

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