Lena Dixon

Lena Dixon

On August 29th, 2019 we traveled on Copa Airline from MIAMI to PANAMA CITY with a return ticket dated Monday, September 2nd, 2019. Our flight (Copa Airline flight 430) was scheduled to depart PTY at 12:14pm. On the date of our departure approximately 9:15am just as we were checking out of the hotel we received an email from Copa saying the flight was cancelled and we should check google for next available flight date. In the middle of making arrangements to stay at hotel an hour later another email came in from Copa stating that our flight was on time. We immediately got into a taxi and rushed to the airport. | When we got to the Copa agent they told us our flight was cancelled and no apologie offered with a nonchalant attitude. We showed them the emails we received from Copa and the agent called the supervisor as she too was confused. The supervisor looked at the emails and said “well it is a system error the flight is cancelled” we asked what next and she said nothing you just have to wait until Thursday when another flight becomes available. Again, with an attitude and no means of helping customers. We told her we couldn’t stay until Thursday as we have no money for food, hotel, transportation, etc so if she could endorse our ticket over to America Airlines as their flight was leaving to Miami and she flat out said No. | when we see that none of the agents were not willing to assist us we purchased a our tickets on American Airline into Miami. The American Airline agent were totally astonished that Copa rendered no assistance to their passengers. | After our seats were confirmed on AA I went back to Copa counter where the agents were just standing around chatting and laughing without any care in the world. I seek compensation and they told us that they would not be able to offer any compensation as our tickets were booked through Expedia so a refund would be out of their policy. | We contacted Expedia regarding the matter and it has now been several days and no compensation from Copa nor Expedia as non of them wants to take the blame for this BIG MESS. Whenever I call Expedia I have been put on hold for hours and same with Copa Airline. | I would like the airline to contact me and to compensate me for my loss and simple apologize for the major inconvenience. | I totally understand circumstances will arise but is the principle in which it is handle. | In this particular case, it was poorly handled. I never want to see Copa Airlines again and I would definitely convince everyone I no to stay away as they are bad representative of the beautiful Panamanian people.

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