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I first wrote to lenny and larrys the complete cookie to let them know my son’s mother and i purchased their cookies in 2 or 3 different stores and hers tasted like playdoe and that was the birthday cake and the ones i purchased was birthday cake, snickerdoodle and white chocolate macadamia and had 3 different problems. I know i told them about the ones that tasted like playdoe and that was both the white chocolate macadamia and the birthday cake. The snickerdoodle tasted kinda burnt and tasted nothing like snickerdoodle. It kind of tasted like burnt mayple syrup or sometime, not sure couldn’t figure it out but it was awful. And one of the birthday cakes was extremely hard compared to the soft ones that i usually get. So i got a response and they asked if i knew what the dates were. I responded back with the dates and after that i never heard back. So i wrote again, pissed off and told them how i felt. | Not once before or during the interaction about the dates did they offer me anything. I would of been happy with better cookies. I would of returned the items but i don’t have the receipts anymore. I cannot speak for my son’s mother of where she purchased her cookies but i can speak for myself and some of them were purchased at publix and the others were purchased at 7-eleven. When i wrote to tell them how i felt about their lack of response when i sent them the dates and told them i felt like reporting them to Outscam.com they responded back with a threat…It was an unusual threat laced with an apology and they wanted my address so they could send out a care package. | Now if this had been a huge pack of cokkies that costs 2 or 3 dollars then it would not be a big deal but depending on where these cookies are purchased they cost anywhere between 2 and 3 dollars. So when you buy 5 to 10 of them it is costly. And when more than half of what you buy exceeds $10 its not cheap…But here is the response they left me..Before i show you keep in mind. I did not threaten to twist the story or lie at all. I intended to tell the complete truth like i am doing now…Now watch, it starts out nice and it looks like good customer service the in between it gets threatening and insulting with assuming then gors back to being nice. I have never experienced something this strange and think i should possibly get a lawyer myself because that was an extremely bold statement to threaten,insult and assume in this manner. | Ok here it is, i am pasting what i copied from my email. Now, you then threaten to report us to some national enquirer/tmz type site called Outscam? You weren’t ripped off by us. You did not purchase direct from us. The retailer did not rip you off because you have not attempted to return the unsatisfactory items to them. I will caution you to read all disclaimers on this site: defamation is no laughing matter. Defamation lawsuits are on the rise Just ask our legal department who sees all of the incoming inquiries) and, in our experience anyway, they are based on postings that people make when they are super upset or fail to take care when writing the report. Making up a story, or embellishing a story with skewed facts, to make someone look bad Ex-spouse, ex-partner, ex-employer, ex-business associate, competitor in the business space, etc.) may very well be legally actionable and the first time you think “i won’t get sued if i fudge this story” will be the first time you find out differently. It is not worth the risk! even if you tell the truth, it is still possible that someone will say that you are lying and may try to bring a defamation action against you, so be sure to keep all documents and information relating to the situation as you may need it to mount a defense. We employ a full time attorney in my office. We also have 3 more on attorneys on retainers. I started this company 23 years ago with no help, no money so i will do whatever it takes to protect my brand and my image. Most importantly, i want happy customers. I am passionate about my company, my team, my customers and also the various homeless shelters, at risk teen groups and military groups that we support with no fanfare. Just want you to know a little bit about us. We are good people. I hope you appreciate that i reached out to you. I want to earn your trust. You deserve better. That is my promise to you. I hope to hear back and please accept my apologies for your inconveniences. If you provide your address, i would like to start there in getting a care package coming your way.

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