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I came into a certified check in the mail from Liberty Financial Incorporated. Claim Agent :David Hull that I contacted advised me to direct deposit the certified check into my account with my bank. And tell me to withdraw $3,500 from account and wait on his instructions once I recieve the cash. So my PNC Bank Mgr. told me I could draw funds from my account but I would have to wait 7 working days before the check is cleared.. So when I left the bank and came back home. I called the claim agent he didn’t respond when I was greeting him. So when I call him a second time; he responded, didn’t give me a chance to respond to inform him about what happened. Since he was so rude and disrespectful, expecting and inticipating that I had the funds, when I finally got the chance to tell him what my bank mgr. Mentioned to me that the check has to be cleared, he got silent and didn’t say anything for five minutes and then when I’m trying to get him to answer me he had such a nastg attitude and told me in a selfish arrogant way to call him back when it clear, I got the feeling that he was expecting me to have the check cashed for a withdraw for the amount suggested to take out my account to send where he wants to to send to. He was very angry and upset. If it wasn’t for my bank family mgr. filling me in what they doing is getting people to do a cash withdraw and to send the funds back as state fees to be paid in order before you recieve you prize check delivered; which is a bunch of crapp.

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