Library of Congress

Library of Congress

This particularly building and the reading room also seems to contain or is designed with a lot of freemasonry symbolism. At the Architect of the Capitol they will claim that the John Adams Building is an art-deco design ( | If you study the details, such as the doors, the statuary such as the owl by the door, the Egyptian god type memes, it is eerily similar to the House of the Temple (Scottish Freemason 1733 16th Str NW The library, moldings, window diamond grid, columns alabaster and marble, and the vaulted enclosure of the Adams reading room especially is evocative of the Freemason Library. | There are plenty of photos at Yelp and TripAdvisor. The architects for the capitol shared their abilities and talents in church design but this may have also been intentional, to transmit the sense of anything done for the public has its cult craft counterpart.

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