Life Restore Health

Life Restore Health

Patricia Pringle | 360 Coon Ridge RD | Johnstown, PA 15905 | [email& 160;protected] | June 10, 2019 | URGENT ASSISTANCE | On November 20, 2018, I requested from, one Trial Bottle of “Life Restore Health CBD”, at a cost of $6.95, which was suppose to be the shipping and handling fee. | I received TWO bottles with TWO seperate charges of $6.95 appearing on my creditcard, from TWO different avenues: | One charge via, FAD Vitality Skin 844-592-7274 and One charge via, 844-592-7274. | The order was from: | Life Restore Health LLC | 4250 Alafaya Trail Ste 212 262 | Oviedo FL, 32765 | 866.243.8984 | Unfortunately, neither product worked. Disappointed because I wanted it for Neuropathy due to heart failure. This product was clearly misrepresented. So of course I would not purchase any other products or actual size products again. Thinking that was it, done and over, I would eat the scam of receiving two bottles and being charged $6.95 for each bottle, this actually has been a living nightmare. | On January 19 and January 20, two additional charges, $95.13 each, from SEDO HEALTH SKIN, appeared on my creditcard. At which time I also received ONE bottle of same product in the mail. I called immediately and was told if I returned the ONE bottle the charges would be credited back to my creditcard. | I was given the RMA 843063117, and returned the product. | March 26, 2019, no credit was done so I called 866.407.8178, was told, “product was received today, credit will be done”. | April 1, 2019, no credit done, she claimed she tried to put credit back on my card but was not able to do it. She then said I will receive a check for $109.26, don’t know where that amount came from but at this point I’ll take anything. Was told I should receive the check in 10 to 15 business days. Given confirmation 843063, ironically same six numbers as my RMA number. | April 23, 2019, no check received, called again, was told check was mailed yesterday and should receive in 1-2 weeks. | May 13, 2019, no check received, called again, the person answering said they would try to get the billing office, put on hold, came back with “still not able to get the billing office, can not keep you on hold, call back within 24 to 48 hrs.”. | What! Really! So I did, again, not able to get billing department. | May 16, 2019, 9:39 a.m., Not able to tell me anything, their billing office is busy, so now they will call me back in about one hour. | Nope, no phone call, credit or check has been received. | To resolve the problem, I would appreciate my money refunded via check. | Sincerely, | Patricia Pringle

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