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I feel hoodwinked and misled by the company. Bill Decker III quoted me 10 days to deliver the cabinets. After completing the order, I was told 2 cabinets were out of stock. I was amicable and agreed to changes. After 10 days, I asked where the cabinets were, to no response. At 12 days (after our last convo- beyond 14 days) I asked where the cabinets were, and they haven’t even shipped. Now, at 14 days, I am told that a vanity cabinet is out of stock, and the cabinets won’t be shipped until I give a new vanity cabinet- all this implies that I won’t receive my cabinets til a month after I initially ordered them. When I asked for them to be expedited and shipped, I was told ‘no’. Obviously your company doesn’t give a d**n about customer service, and your salespeople are coached to lie and sell, regardless of the after purchase experience.

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