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The nursing programs cost about $34, 000 to attend. I was going to the Hamden campus until I failed a class. I missed passing the class by one point. I took the class again, had the worst teacher. Asked for extra help from teacher but no results. She never responded to by email request. I was 3/4 thru the program when they kicked me out. I asked to take the class again, offered to pay for the class and they said no. No money was given back to me for tutition. Since I was 3/4 thru the program, they have it in their policy no refunds. I have no certificate either. They are nice to once you start but if you need help, you are ### out of luck. The place is unorganized with giving textbooks and having clinical rotation sites ready for students. They charge you $300.00 for the cheapest scrubs they could possible get for 3 sets! The director of nursing has no compassion what so ever. A nursing school with no compassion? I have NEVER met anyone who graduated from there that liked it. I wanted to be a nurse and I was a great student and they completely crushed my dream. I am starting school at another place. I would not recommend anyone to attend the Hamden, CT campus. That place makes me sick to my stoamach and I know I am not the first person or the LAST they will screw over.

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  1. Wilda Mckennie
    June 17, 2020
  2. Darby Pesek
    June 15, 2020

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