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Currently, my practice primarily consists of helping adults struggling with depression, anxiety/panic, bereavement/loss, relationship issues, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and life crises and transitions. The prognosis is always good following a first visit. Given the effort it takes to find a therapist, make arrangements with the insurance company, get directions and actually find the courage to show up for the appointment, the clear message is one of motivation for change, healing, and growth.I have been a mental health practitioner since 1992. My experience is in outpatient, inpatient, and forensic mental health settings. I served as the Director of Outpatient Mental Health in a maximum-security female prison and currently maintain a private practice. I also have extensive experience in psychological assessment and consultation.I believe most emotional disturbances are the result of loss. Losses occur in many contexts: death, marriage, parental responsibility, job, health, finances, independence, freedom, innocence, etc. Each transitional stage of human development involves loss and the grief process associated with loss. However, these transitions also involve growth, wisdom, and the ability to assist others.

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