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I am a psychotherapist: more specifically, a psychologist and a psychoanalyst. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of patients over the course of my forty plus year career. Every one of them has a story to tell, a story that despite its often gut-wrentching pain is beautiful, both in its uniqueness and its complexity. It is a story that the person may never have dared to tell before finding the safety of my office, perhaps feeling too inconsequential or guilty or ashamed.If you have kept silent, developing symptoms such as depression or anxiety, or become involved in one dissatisfying relationship after another, these are not chance happenings. They have occurred because you are repeating past experiences in the present. They have occurred because you have not been listened to or heard.As a therapist with over 40 years experience, a post-doctoral certification in psychoanalysis, a diplomate in clinical psychology, and a humanistic approach, I will engage with you in a collaborative exploration of your life and your mind so as to work through the pain of your past.

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