Litaker's Garage

Litaker's Garage

On or about July 1, 2015, I was given Mitch Litaker’s telephone number by a trusted co-worker on the railroad (Jeffrey Cherry). In the need for a replacement transmission (with a two year warranty), I was quoted a complete price of $1,900 for the completion of installation, minus the windshield. The windshield was an additional $170, which sounded reasonable and due to the fact that Mitch Litaker and Jeffrey Cherry were long time friends. Mr. Litaker assured me of the quoted price, due to my affiliation with Jeffrey Cherry. Since July 1, 2015 and the pick up of my vehicle, I was mis-informed with a lack of communication and infrequent phone calls or concerns, if situations or conditions change. Prior to the completed project I would frequently telephone Mr. Litaker concerning the timeline to which the boundaries for delivery were set. I was constantly given the run-around and frequently had to engage in a back and forth, with Mr. | Litaker yelling and screaming into the phone. What once started out as a pleasurable and professional experience, had now become combative and hostile. On or about July 24, 2015 my patience was wearing thin, as I had to accumulate extra miles on my classic vehicle. Which is listed as an antique and can only be driven a certain amount of miles each year, trade shows, car shows, exhibitions, etc. On the day of July 31, 2015 I was told my vehicle would be available for pick-up. When I arrived, the hood was still up and in an engine bay and not ready for pick-up. Instead I was given an additionally added on bill, which contained and additional $842.00, in addition to the $1700 paid. Mr. Latiker refused to accept payment by credit/debit card, which as he stated charges high fees. Which lead me to believe this was not a business run by someone whom files taxes and only wants to accept cash. To avoid any binding records, that show transactions and services rendered. It is also my belief that this is common practice and probably the way in which his employees are paid (under the table). It is my hope with witness statements and bank records, that I prove exactly what we had agreed upon. Additionally it is my hope to re-coup the extra monies tacked on at the end of the underhanded business transaction, just because this business is not properly regulated.

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