Litigation Services, LLC

Litigation Services, LLC

Wife received call from person representing litigation services, who informed her a bench Warrent was being issued for my arrest, but would not release any info to her. She called me, and I in return called the comany, they informed me a bench Warrent was being issued, and 2 counts of defrauding a financial institution, for 2 online pay day loans, supposedly taken out over 2 years ago. I tried to explain that any and all payday loans that had been taken out, we’re included in a bankruptcy that was in progress at the time, and had a federal discharge of all debt. I also told them had received no notification of any pending legal actio, he called me a liar, said they had sent me emails, as well as letters to my address,(we have received none, and email is old junk mail acct.) I contacted our local law enforcement, prosecuting attorney who all said was a scam. Also contacted our states attorney generals office and they gave advice, get as much info as can, case number, city, couty, state where taking place. So called them back, asked secretary for some info, and was told my case investegater was out, and would have him call, and hung up. My wife decided to call to try to get same info, and was told I just called, and she sounded fishy, and was hung up on. About 45 min later, a man called my wife from their office, she told him she needed case , and sum info before she could pay, and btw, they wanted 1400.00 to release warrent. He told her I confessed, they had it recorded, and she needed to pay. She forwarded me the number so I called, he told me my wife was a hot head, and was too late, they were gonna file paperwork, I again tried to explain had received no notification, that I needed city, county,state, case number, and that I had been in contact with legal help, and law enforcement. He got real abusive, said I was going to jail for 180 days, and brought on myself, also reminded him that I had a legal binding bankruptcy discharge, and that trumped state charges, he replied, “they said you would do this, play the bankruptcy card”, I again asked for info, he then replied, “your going to jail for 180 days, you d****e bag”, and hung up. He then called my wife 15 min later, and told her she was being charged as a accesory, and she hung up, he called her back 5 min later, asking her to verify her address and phone number, so they could trace her call. Keep in mind they would not divulge who they represtented, nor would they give any important information. They basically passed themselves off as law enforcement. And I have no way of verifying if they are legit

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  1. Dannielle Prowse
    June 17, 2020

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