Littman Jewelers (Toms River, NJ)

Littman Jewelers (Toms River, NJ)

I am reporting Fraud on Littman Jewelers a company that took possession of my diamond and agreed to re-set it by their Jeweler which was obviously shoddy work resulting in the diamond falling out after only 9 months & them taking NO responsibility after I have had the Stone for 25 yrs & trusted them to re-set it. They are telling me because i didn’t buy the stone there… sorry nothing we can do – after telling me when I purchased the new setting for $2,576.54 and the service of re-setting the diamond I would be completely covered in the even of any damage or loss if I purchased the Care Plan, which I did feeling confident i was covered. My diamond was a blue/white Diamond with a great clarity and more than that it is my engagement ring stone given to me 25 yrs ago by my husband it’s sentimental besides valuable. Please help me make them act responsibly in this matter….especially since they guaranteed their work for a year from purchase, never stating they wouldn’t cover my diamond, it was simply omitted from the conversation, I have paperwork stating their guarantee, but now say sorry nothing we can do it’s store policy! Mind you there were no broken or bent prongs ~ it was poor craftsmanship!! I hope there is something you can do- this is terrible business practice it’s deception!. I demand I want them to honor their warranty and replace the lost diamond with similar because I believe this loss occurred due to poor craftmenship. I don’t recommend them

  • #Nina Patricia
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