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LL Ross Concrete

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We have proof that we returned calls and text messages but when a person calls ten times a day it’s hard to answer everytime when you have an actual job to do. As was stated in previous responces to your exaggerated bad reviews on several different web sites we did what we were contracted to do. Yes your slab cracked but it was not due to placement issues. We did the right thing and replaced the cracked slab which we realluy didn’t have to because there is no warranty on concrete in the state of Michigan. As far as the rear area that you asked us to replace we declined due to the fact that we knew it would destroy your neighbors lawn and also could possibly crack other ares of your driveway. You took it upon yourself to make a deal with Rob Cartwrigh who is now an ex-employee to remove and replace the rear of your driveway. We had no part in that as you made the deal with him. He was fired from our company for the shady side deal that you made with him and for using our equipment to start the work the two of you agreed upon. If you gave him money that is on you as again we had no part in that deal. It’s funny that we poued a parking lot the week before your job and have gotten nothing but compliments. So for you to say it looks like a 9 year old poured your concrete is just funny. We have been patient with you and your slander toward our company but if it continues we will take legal action. Admit you made a shady deal in order to get what you wanted and it blew up in your face. We are not children and this not a story book it’s real life so deal with your action before you start blaming others for your mistake.

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  1. Diamond Eckman
    June 16, 2020

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