Loan Scams

Loan Scams

Looking for a small loan,found lending loan.filled out their loan form.them received a call from a John Davis.He approved the loan at $5000 to give me yet I had to give him all my information on my bank account including privet pass codes an them my Driver license number an social security as well.When I tried to look in my account they had block all account in my checking.Then they changed my account passcodes.I waited for over 4hours to get a hold of me on what’s going on one last check to get into my account they change my past code to [email protected] an I could not get in to my account so I change my password agine an got to see they put $1000in my account so I tough that was all they were going to give me so I went to the bank at the ATM a with drew $340 dollars from it.I was at wal-mart then they called me an an wanted me to take the money they sent to my account an put it all on money cards an send them back the money just to see if my account worked.strangly I went to costumers service to have them talk to John Davis on phone they ask him how much an where to send the cards he states to her she did not need to know that an she replied yes we do he would not give any information she needed to know an he wanted to talk to me again,he told me to just leave the store an talk to him on the issue.I hung up the phone an the lady said it was a scam not to do it for anything went to my bank he had all ready call my phone an lift bad messages.I text back an told him I was going to my bank in the morning an talk to them I did manager said the check was no good an she closed my banking account down it was a scam then she told me what to do to report identity theft to crises bureau I did I also called social security an they where told what happened so they put a block on my info on me,in the meantime I’m still getting messages from John Davis more then27of them so far an now wants me to start over with them on another loan an try it.these people need to be stopped I heard other phone operators talking to people on their phones in the background so I’m not the only one their scamming.Please help to stop them.Thank you terri gilmore. I demand Stop them it’s all a scam on people account’s to rob them of their checking account an try to get my money back. I don’t recommend them

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