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I first met Dan Desabato when he was hired to do some electric work at our school in Queensborough College. From day one this creep was googly eyeing every young female student he locked eyes on. Several times I found him in classrooms going through desk drawers and asked him to cut it out. He always had some odd excuse that he didn’t have the proper equipment that day and was looking for something he could use to make it work. Really? Tools, in a teacher’s desk? I have had two complaints from female students over the past twelve months about him trying to start up conversation with the students, asking if there are any parties later, and if he could take them out for coffee. Mind you, this is a 50 year old man hitting on 19 year old women. Dan Desabato often arrives on the site smelling of cigarettes, booze and just looks like he hasn’t showered in a few days. It’s just sloppy for his company to send us a guy like this. Aren’t there peformance reviews of some kind?

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