Loft / Ann Taylor

Loft / Ann Taylor Complaint

After exiting the dressing room with the item I intended to purchase, and not seeing a sign where to form a line, I assumed there was a line for each of the three attendants serving the desk. I thus chose the attendant who had assisted me earlier. After she had served the customer in front of me I stepped forward. She asked me to step back because another person had been here before me. I stepped back and she took that person. She did not point out to me that there was only one line. I continued waiting in the place I assumed to be the line for this particular attendant. After a few minutes a male employee approached me and informed me there was only one line and pointed it out to me. As I moved toward it, another customer approached it and cut me off. I informed her that I had been waiting in line for quite a while and asked her to let me go before her. The customer responded very aggressively and an ugly argument ensued. Not wanting to be the owner of a garment attached to such an unpleasant experience I returned the item to the attendant and left the store. I do not have a habit of cutting in front of people. Had the store attendant pointed out to me where the line was at the very beginning I entered the wrong spot, this ugly event would not have taken place, and I would have purchased the item. It would be difficult for me to enter this store again. Ute Rosa

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