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I hired Logo Design Cafe to design a logo for my Organization. Prior to completing that task, their project manager, TOM EDEN asked me if I had a website for my Organization. I told him I was preparing to have one designed by another agency. | He convinced me to let his business do my website as well, and quickly asked me for t the entire $2,100 upfront. I told him I did not feel good about paying the whole amount upfront, before any work had been done and asked if he would consider taking 4 installment payments, as the work was completed. I told him I had had problems in the past with paying upfront and had a difficult time getting my refund when the work turned out unsatisfatory. | Tom and his Manager, Jay got me to agree to 50% upfront. I felt uneasy about it, but they assured me if I didn’t like the Website after it was done, I could just cancel the project and they would refund my money within 6-7 days no problem. So I allowed them to withdraw $1075 from my credit card. | A day later, I learned that certain key persons were no longer available to be Executives on my Organization’s board and I quickly sent an email to Tom Eden of Logo Design Cafe, requesting that he and Jay cancel the Website project until further notice. I requested that they refund my deposit. | Tom Eden, assured me that I would receive my refund in 6-7 business days. After waiting 9 days and getting no refund, I sent Tom another email requesting my refund, and warned him that if I didn’t get my refund I would file a complaint with American Express to get my money. Tom Eden wrote back and asked me not to destroy their good business name by filing a complaint with American Express. He asked me to give him another 6-7 more days to returned my deposit. | After another 10 days passed with no refund from Logo Design Cafe, I sent Tom Eden a final email requesting my refund. I also informed him that I would be filing a complaint with American Express to get my refund. Three days later I got an email response from Tom Eden, requesting that I not contact American Express again, stating that it would jeopardize his job at Logo Design Cafe. | I was shocked that Tom Eden appeared to care more about his job with Logo Design Cafe, than returning my refund. Logo Design Cafe has a 6-7 days refund policy and it has been 20 days since I submitted my first request for a refund. It’s obvious that Logo Design Cafe doesn’t honor their refund policy and will go to great lengths to delay refunding their customers’ money. | I’m not suggesting that you not do business with Logo Design Cafe, as I do not wish to hurt anyone’s business, but I do recommend that you (not) pay them (ALL or 50% UPFRONT) for large projects. Try to keep the payments in 4 installments as the work is done. Getting my refund from Logo Design Cafe has been like pulling teeth, very painful and exhausting. | I did file a complaint with American Express and they credited the $1075 back to my credit card instantly and said they would go after Logo Design Cafe for the refund. I’m glad I used American Express because they are really good about getting your money back when a Merchant tries to scam or get over on you. Just beware when dealing with Logo Design Cafe!

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  1. Cole
    March 15, 2020
  2. thomson
    March 15, 2020

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