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For the first couple of weeks arranging the move everything was going well. But the week of the move turned into a nightmare. We were given a pickup time and date and on the day of the pickup and after the pickup time I received a call stating the pickup had been moved to the next evening. During this call I found out the company had known since the previous day that the pickup date had changed. | On the day of the pickup the team hung up and me during two phone calls, showed up at 4 when the driver called me that morning saying he would be there at 2. When they did show up, there was another load already on the truck and those items had Just been thrown on the truck. It was obvious the items were not being handled with care. So the team had to unload the truck in my driveway to repack it properly… which took at least an hour. When they finally did load my items the driver demanded cash or check, even though the company had told me I could pay using credit card. It took about an hour to sort that issue out because the company stated no managers were available because it was after hours. Yes it was, but that is because your team was late and then wasted time repacking a previous load and half of the team just stood around. Finally after working everything out I find out that my belongings are going to North Carolina for storage when I was told they would be stored in Indiana. | When I called customer service about this I was told “it doesn’t really matter where my belongings are stored because I’m not allowed to know where everything is stored anyway” when I brought up everything else that has gone wrong I was told well that sucks but there is nothing we can do about it. | Avoid this company! Pay more and use a company that will take care of you and your belongings! | Update. It took over a month of calls for the company to finally deliver my belongings. When I did receive everything, all of my boxes were smashed, pieces to my furniture were missing, there was a huge hole where something punctured my mattress, and all of my furniture was scratched. The claims process is nearly impossible to file a claim because they require receipts for all items that are damaged.

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  1. Yetta Gembe
    June 16, 2020

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