Update to this posting. | I have been in contact with my bank to try to get back all of the money that was fraudulently deducted from my card. I got a new card and have taken every step possible to report GQI Tech ( on the net, through the reporting feature on Social Media – F.B. where they were advertising Canada Goose jackets under the name Ymuqb, and to local/international authorities. I have contacted customer service four times to arrange a refund which was more then adequate time for them to rectify the issue and have received no response. Over a month after the order was placed I received an email containing two tracking numbers. One specifying the carrier as China Post, my email reflected EMS and Canada Post. The one tracking number was invalid, the second was delivered to The United States. I have researched the names, merchant websites, courier tracking reports and anything else I could find. They have changed their Whois information since they started this website in November. This in turn has landed them in trouble. They are prohibited from renewing, transferring, deleting or updating their website along with another one. It could be because they are selling counterfeit or because they are scamming consumers. Last night they finally updated/changed their website template which still resembles at the top the Canada Goose Website template from their counterfeit site. They have no contact details on their website. This makes it difficult for consumers to research if they are buying from a trustworthy merchant. I didn’t realize this when I made my purchase. I didn’t know until later that Canada Goose has a counterfeit search option to see if they are a legitimate retailer. You have to really look for the privacy policy and site map information which is now detailed in another language at the bottom of the site. No translation tool available. There’s a contact field but no email address or telephone number. It’s difficult locating their delivery policy which details 5-10 days. I have screen shots of every step of my order, including the shipping cost, confirmation emails, my bank account deducted two large incorrect amounts twice when I only ordered one jacket. Their websites are hosted and registered in different countries from where they are located. They have very poor online reputations. I corresponded with another customer who like me was on a budget with children and scammed before Christmas. Please beware and try to research before buying from a new merchant. It is up to us consumers to protect ourselves and our duty to try to Stop fraudulent companies from harming Additional unsuspecting individuals. | [email& 160;protected] | [email& 160;protected] | | |

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