LRM Leasing Company

LRM Leasing Company

Stay away from LRM Leasing even if they are your last option! This is coming from a recent customer who put their trust in this company only to experience disappointment after disappointment. I turned to LRM leasing in Pompano Beach for a semi truck purchase. I worked with Rick, the sales associate, who guided me through the initial paperwork process. The day I picked up the truck I noticed that there was problem with the instrument cluster. They supposedly had their mechanic look at it & was told it seemed to be working. | About two weeks after having the truck I experienced check engine lights, faulty codes, oil leaks, and yet again an instrument cluster that was not working. I bought the truck to Loves who put it on a machine and they told me that there was permanent codes stored in the system that can’t be removed unless you go to the Freightliner dealership. This means that LRM leasing deleted codes without doing the proper repairs. I returned the truck to LRM leasing because they wanted to do the repair. After having it for one week, I was told it was ready for pick up. They told me they drove the truck for 50 miles without any issues. Two hours down the road every light that was on returned & the truck went into safe mode. The next day I returned the truck and got my $7,000 deposit back. Regardless of these issues, I felt LRM was my only option due to financing. | I went back one week later hoping to be able to lease another truck from them. They had NO trucks ready for purchase except one that had oil inside the coolant tank (was told my the mechanic it was fine) and it broke down in the middle of the road while test driving. I saw the truck I initially returned still on the lot, & and was told by one of their mechanics that they fixed the issue. I wondered why they didn’t fix these issues before they sold the truck or even when I returned the truck for repair. I then said I would like to re purchase the truck after the clueless salesman told me it was available. Then suddenly Robert, the so called shop manager, advised me it was already purchased. Funny part is that while waiting in the lobby, a gentleman told me he was there to look at the same that same truck….obviously it wasn’t sold. I was persistent in trying to work with them since they did not check your credit. I wasted almost one month with these crooks. They obviously don’t care about people’s time since they kept telling me to come back, knowing I lived four hours away. Their only goal is too push broken, run down, dirty trucks onto innocent people just trying to make a living. | Bottom line is this company treats their customers like s***! Listen to me; otherwise, you’ll be stranded on the side of the road broke-down and thinking about this review. I’m thankful LRM leasing kept screwing me over. Just when I thought they were my last option, a blessing came falling out of the sky. I was approved for a loan through a bank, am now the owner of a 2015 Certified Volvo. newer certified truck right now. I am now on my way to a bright future in the trucking industry. Thanks LRM…for nothing!

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