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I called this company to set up an appointment to view a property to rent. The first boy to answer(I say boy because he was no gentleman) asked me some basic information about myself and when we got to the place I wanted to see, he started to become less and less interested in helping me. | I was looking for a place bt myself to rent and needed to stay below $600 s month. This was apparently a waste of time for him. He tried to offer me other places to look at also whuch turned out to be a game for him because it was a duplex for $300 a month and no back yard which I stated I needed. | By now it was obvious he didn’t want to help me and gave me a number to call to set up a time with an agent to take a tour of the first house I wanted. It was the same number I just called but he said to use a different extension. I asked which and he said any except the one you just used. | I called back and got an even less proffesional “dude”(I could have sworn it was Spicoli) that I couldn’t believe they would let answer the phones but he did. He was way worse thsn the first but finally set me up for a tour and even emailed me confirmation with time for next day. When I got there, they were a no-show. | I called again and finally got an adult, he explained they did it all wrong and there wouldn’t be anyone out to help me. I talked to him for a bit and explained my situation which brought him to a conclusion that he basically told me that his fellow employees were going to have me fill out an application, charge me for it and it would be declined. He stated that his boss tells them to never let someone walk away without going through the application process even if it’s a sure denial. | If you have filled out an application with these or any other realtor/property management company, I would seriously talk to a lawyer. I know to dome $45 isn’t much but to others it is a good amount of money but this isn’t even the issue. If someone started a class action lawsuit against these companies, I guarantee there would be thousands of applicants found to be lied to and used just for the fee. Luckily I was told this before I went through the process but unlucky because I can’t start the lawsuit and I truly would if I had paid said fee. So please, spmepne who has been charged this fee, declined a place to live, should speak with an attorney. The first couple attornies you speak with may turn you down but someone will take your case. This needs to end!

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