It’s 2 people posing as some business, don’t know if it’s the same every time because this is an actual company that has a real product. The product states it is the newest type of resolution projector (4k), 3d capable, and high definition. It actually is none of those things at all. They say it is worth over $4,000 dollars and comes with a projector screen worth over $1,800 but both of the products are the lowest of low baseline quality. They are preforming fraudulent activity to sell the product by making up lies and are very good at it. They are also performing fraudulent activity by putting false claims about their product on it and lying about what the product ACTUALLY is. There are lots of people doing this and from what I have gathered in Houston, is that there is always 2 people and one does all the talking/selling for the most part. The man that did all the talking was very built, tall, red hair, will claim that he played professional baseball and that he owns the company. He also will claim that he is a distributor to big companies and the reason why you can get this projector is because they had a mistake on the order and they are able to sell it for next to nothing compared to what it’s worth because this happens once every 4 years or so. If you want to buy the product they sell since it is an actual product, Don’t pay more than $200. That is what it is worth.. I demand Nothing because what goes around comes around. I didn’t get that ripped off maybe a couple hundred bucks. But other people have.. Stay away

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