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I don’t recommend LUCIFER AIRLINES. We were on our way to a funeral and Lucifer Airlines had no sympathy and gave away our seats to American Airline passengers for inflated prices to make more money. We had to pay an additional $600 to change the tickets for another flight, leaving the next day, due to their greediness, and after several representatives initially quoted us $300 to change the ticket. None of the representatives had an answer about why the previous reps quoted $300 and why they were now randomly quoting $600. I guess they throw out whatever random prices LUCIFER pulls out of hell for them. | The Lufthansa Supervisor (at DFW airport), Sharon, is an extremely, disgustingly rude, un-compassionate Supervisor. She did not care about our situation at all and lied about many things to cover her company’s *** as well as her own. The lies just rolled off her tongue. She must lie professionally when not at work. Then she finally slipped up and admitted that they gave away our seats to American Airline passengers (which is Lufthansa’s affiliate), that’s why we were not allowed to board the flight for the funeral although we were there early enough and we provided her proof of that by showing her airport gate tickets. She claimed we arrived at one time, we showed her our tickets showing we arrived on time. She had no response to that evidence. She later lied that she should would supply us with a document to provide the reservation line with, so we could change our flights with no penalty fee. When we called the reservation line to do so, they said they had no such document on file as SHARON claimed. | Pick another airline if you want at least decent service. By now you should know how Lufthansa, I mean LUCIFER AIRLINES operates, especially after that incident with their German Wings aircraft crashing last year and them employing a pilot that they knew was mentally unstable to fly an aircraft that killed many innocent people. Their main goal is money at the consumer’s expense. The company and it’s robotic, rude, unprofessional employees have no compassion for people just dollar signs.

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  1. Oren Hotchkin
    June 16, 2020

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