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I share the idea that at our core we all yearn for connection and a sense of meaning. Not having those human needs met is agonizing because, by definition, a need (versus a want) is something we cannot do without. We might not accept we have these needs, or we might not even be aware of them. However, we all occasionally grasp how essential they are to us when we burst into tears during a silly commercial or a benign movie scene, or when a perfect stranger asks precisely that question we dread asking ourselves.Quite likely, when all seems to go sideways and we don’t find our way anymore, it is those needs that beg to be looked at. Looking closer at all of that is clearly a quest. A supervisor of mine used to say that going on such a journey resembles climbing the Himalayas.You need a lot of preparation to do that, the will, the physical condition, the right gear and supplies. What also helps sometimes is having a guide. Should you think that I could serve that role for you, I would be pleased to hear from you.

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