Where do I begin……They are lucky you have to select one star, otherwise it would be blank. The entire process has been an absolute nightmare. The Salesman Rick came out to our house saying we would be so impressed with Luna. He gives us the first price and says I could not even get my house done for this price. Obviously this is the first biggest red flag ever. He shows us that it should cost us over 15,000 dollars to have a less than 1000 sq foot house carpeted and laminated with their premium hardwood replica laminate. We tell him what we could afford to pay for it because we did not want to finance. What we had to spend is what we had to spend. He says, “just tell me a number and I will submit it and they can deny it and you can quit wasting my time.” He also says any lower and you will have to remove your own carpet garbage and move all your furniture around your house. Obviously my offer is not met but a lower amount gets approved and he says he is going to have to send an email to his boss explaining why the price was so low. We still hesitate at having to remove our own garbage and he goes, “well I can throw all of the perks back in if you sign right now.” We reluctantly agree and he has us sign and initial a bunch of pages in his iPad without really explaining anything or showing us the pages, just sign here, but had the wrong signatures matched with printed names anyways. | Here is where the story gets even worse. They come out on a Saturday to do the carpet install. The installer takes one look at the front door and says nope, cant do it today. We have the whole roll in our truck and need somewhere to cut it. Mind you they already measured every room with a laser dimension specific program. The installer asks if I know anyone with a large garage where they can cut it. I give him credit for trying to come up with a solution, but I mean really…….. So carpet does not get installed, bookshelf are cleaned off, smaller items we were told to move are crammed into every other open space in the house. We had to live in ridiculous conditions for 2 more days and take a day off of work. Here is where the story gets better. | 2 Saturdays later, we are supposed to have the wood laminate installed. Our salesman Rick told us we only have to turn the knobs on the dryer, washing machine and oven, not uninstall the cords. Installer comes and says he can’t do those. He also looks at the floor and goes these are not level and Luna did not give me any planks to level out the floor. I would figure if they were going to level it, they would use the leveling stuff everyone else talks about, so I am confused there. He also tells me Luna did not give him enough wood trim for the transition pieces. Guess what he says …. “I can’t install today.” So not only did Luna not make sure our floor was level or tell us about an additional charge if it wasn’t level, the installer didn’t even have everything he needed in the first place. So after about an hour of trying to get someone on the phone, they say we will need to pay $100 more for the material. I told them that the price we agreed on said everything was included and I would not pay any more. They told me I can pay the $100 or I can cancel my order. I will say they did offer a slight discount after the carpet fiasco, but it amazes me that they were willing to suffer a horrendous review and lose a customer they have mistreated the entire way over $100. If you want really cheap carpeting and poor service then go to Luna, but you will have to work very hard for a reasonable price anyway. So here I sit with new carpet and broken tiles. Also the wood laminate piece shown looked way different size wise than the samples we saw.

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  1. Joseph
    March 14, 2020

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