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I have 2 different, but overlapping, focuses in my practice I am a holistic/nutritional psychiatrist, using a functional medicine approach to health and wellness, thereby trying to reduce or eliminate the need for medications I also have a 15yr+ specialty in sex therapy with couples/individuals treating all sexual dysfunctions in all areas of desire, arousal, orgasm, pain, or sexual issues that interfere with a couple’s happiness I give couples & individuals a holistic understanding of their sexual difficulties – incorporating physical, psychological, emotional, and relational – to enhance sexual pleasure while maintaining balance in one’s physical and emotional healthUsing a functional medicine approach, I also help clients discover what imbalances have been caused by any combination of nutrient imbalances, genetic influences, environmental toxins, lifestyle factors, and day-to-day stressors Thyroid issues, PCOS, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and dementia are some examples of conditions I treat in the officeI believe that the body doesn’t make mistakes, and that symptoms are a sign of some deeper imbalance If a person is ready to make the changes needed for true health, these imbalances can be corrected I’m also fluent in Spanish and conduct sessions in Spanish if needed

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