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RE: Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2388183 (August 8th, 2018) Valentina R.| Malwarebytes Consumer Support It’s been over a week and Malwarebytes has not been able to fix my 3PC / 1 Yr License subscription. I bought a quantity of 2 Licenses of their 3PC / 1YR subscription, with 3 activations (3PC’s) per license, from Cleverbridge / Creativemark, their official and authorized reseller (Invoice number: AKD-[protected]). The problem is that each license activates only 1 time ( or 1 PC). These licenses are supposed to activate 3 times (3PC’s). First I repeatedly emailed Cleverbridge / Creativemark (from August 6th to 8th) . I was told in no uncertain terms, that they were simply the retailer and couldn’t offer activation support… and that it was the responsibility of Malwarebytes. [protected], [protected], creativemark.[protected] Now it’s been over a week, and Malwarebytes still has not fixed those licenses to allow 3 PC activations each. They are claiming that those licenses are for 1 PC activation. I clearly bought the 3PC / 1 Yr license subscription, and was given those license keys. I need to activate all 6 of my pc’s. Please help. Thank you. John [protected]

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