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I believe in individual, family and community. Counseling is to teach people new cognitive and emotional skills, helping to overcome trauma, guiding toward better relationships and transform you into better versions of yourselves. I believe in basic human dignity and worth, understanding, empathy, attention, acceptance and encouragement. I believe in having the therapeutic alliance to allow people to have feelings of trust and respect, and encourage the person to have independence and competence. I believe that therapy is based on a positive, trusting and collaborative relationship between two people. I look forward to supporting you while providing a safe environment in which you can explore your concerns. Through the therapeutic relationship, we will work together to meet your goals. I look forward to joining you on the next step of your journey.One’s therapy will focus first on emphatic understanding of the person, establishing alliance and becoming aware of the person’s inner architecture, life circumstances and personal narrative. Good therapy will also facilitate learning — new insights, new ways of thinking, new ways of communicating with others and managing emotions.

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