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My clients explore their problems and present mental state in the safe and confidential setting my office provides. I bring to the session an extensive experience in the treatment of mental health and behavioral issues. I provide analytical and dynamic therapy for deep-seeded symptoms and complexes. I apply congitive and solution focused therapy for short term situational issues. My clients benefit from my years of experience in in-patient and out-patient settings. I also provide hypnotherapy and guided imagery for the reduction of addictive behavior and general anxiety. I work with individuals, couples, and groups of all ages.My special interest is depth psychology, the power of symbols on the human psyche. It brings to our lives the question: Why? Why do we DO the thing we consciously know we DON’T want to do? What is it that overrides our conscious decisions? What guides our will?I can help you If you experience: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief/loss, stress, anger, substance abuse, parental difficulties, or even just feeling blah. I can help you change from feeling unfulfilled, empty, not happy to being fulfilled and happy. Let’s begin your life-changing journey to happiness.

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