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You‚Äôre a smart, high-achieving, self-aware woman, but worry you‚Äôre not enough and that you don‚Äôt have what it takes. You experience stress, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt on the daily. Despite your success in school or in your career, you feel shame in your core and afraid to be fully seen and known. You believe if you were somehow more ‚Äúenough‚Äù ‚Äì more playful, loving, communicative, intelligent, empowered, and otherwise perfect enough ‚Äì *then* you‚Äôd finally feel more comfortable in your own skin, *then* could relax, *then* would have the life and relationships of your dreams. I help women to stop the waiting game. To stop waiting for perfection, for ever-elusive enlightenment and breakthroughs, and to learn to be the loving ally to themselves they always deserved but never had. As a result, they become more confident, clear, and empowered to make the life, career, and relationship choices that serve them now, without waiting. As a former women’s empowerment coach and teacher of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I’ve supported countless women in becoming better allies to themselves, able to identify and advocate for their needs, and to rest in their bones, as they are, in all their glorious human imperfection. Book a free 20 minute consult online at

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